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Through collaboration with local universities, Endangered Canid Project works with students on projects that benefit conservation and benefit their education in STEM-related curriculum:

  • Long Range Affordable Research UAV Project:


In 2014, we began working with WSU Engineering students to finalize design and construction of a new type of affordable, long-range research drone that will help to capture information about the African wild dogs (and other animals) from tags on their collars in a non-invasive way.This project will benefit the research efforts of Dr. Gregory Rasmussen’s organization in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. It is our hope that this technology can eventually be utilized by other like-minded research organizations, and there are already several other organizations interested in this

UAV technology.

In 2016, we kicked off a project with WSU engineering students to design affordable and aesthetically pleasing solar “trees” that maintain a low footprint on campus and can power student accommodations and other buildings sustainably and “off-the-grid.”The studio combines art and engineering, providing a unique learning experience for the student participants. This technology would also be shared with members of the surrounding communities to help generate solar power for their homesteads.

  • Solar Tree Project for Sustainability:

  • Bio-Remediation Wetland Project:

In January 2017, we will kick off our third project, this time with the Landscape Architecture Department at University of Washington.  The first studio will develop a design for a natural bio-remediation wetland to treat waste water in Africa.

Once developed and constructed, this project will be shared with research campuses and local people as a replicable technology for their own communities.

Further, we strive to educate the general public in the United States and raise awareness regarding the plight of the African painted dog, research efforts regarding the African painted dog and environmental conservation efforts. Please keep an eye on our website for an event near you.


We welcome project descriptions and proposals for our student teams to undertake.  Please contact with project ideas and questions.

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